About Me

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It all started when…

I went to school to be a radio DJ. I was on the radio and hated it, luckily I had to take a film editing class before I was on the radio and fell in love with filmmaking.

Much longer story, cut down - I decided to become an accountant. . .wait, what? Yup, so I did that for a while, but the 9-5 grind where everyday was the same started to eat my soul and I couldn’t handle it so I had to get back into the thing I loved: Filmmaking and more specifically editing. I haven’t looked back since and I love it.

Storytelling is how we we all connect and being a part of telling amazing stories is where I’ve found the most joy.


A few of the companies I’ve worked with

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Quick facts about me

Say hi to my wife (Lori) and son (Noah)

  • I’m a drummer (so is my wife)

  • Noah is my son (he’s the best at everything, and I won’t be told otherwise). He’s 3 and only cries when we take pictures.

  • I’m originally from Texas

  • I love BBQ (see previous fun fact)

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